Live French. Learn French.TM

The Common Sense French Method.


Students learn French when they live French. The DJ DELF Kit engages students in nine different real-life scenarios in an easy-to-follow manner. It’s a living, supplemental French resource comprising over 550 task-based, action-oriented activities to engage and guide students through a language-acquisition journey. Activities including:

  • menus
  • registration forms
  • maps
  • interactive skits with interchangeable vocabulary
  • catalogue pages
  • order forms
  • and more!

With the DJ DELF Kit, students will utilize reading, writing, listening and spontaneous speaking on their destination to French language fluency.

Suitable for all grades and levels, the DJ DELF Kit is a career resource that uses research-based, proven strategies. It comes with over 100 “Big Ideas” (enduring understandings), complete with learning goals and success criteria.

It’s the resource designed to give “friends and family time” back: no more planning, and all the evaluation and diagnostic tools are included. The DJ DELF Kit is offered as an instant download or as a physical USB.

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The DJ DELF Kit includes:

  • Authentic tasks and activities
  • 36 animates videos
  • DJ DELF Dailies video series
  • Big Ideas with 100+ end goals
  • Great 8+ Strategies
  • Booster packs
  • Support tools

Each song and/or aspect life is designed to assist students in becoming fluent, independent users of the French language in specific topics related to everyday, functiona living:

  • Je me présente: teaches students how to introduce and speak about themselves, where they live, their intersts, and their hobbies.
  • Ma journée typique: teaches common phrases used to describe many aspects of daily life.
  • C’est moi: guides students towards maintaining spontaneous conversations regarding their ever-changing thoughts, actions, and feelings.
  • Mon point de vue: assists students in explaining their viewpoints, constructing arguments, defending opinions, and negotiating.
  • Suivez mes directions !: covers routine tasks while navigating to and from all types of buildings found in a city or town.
  • Faisons du shopping !: students will discover and practice the vocabulary needed to interact in any shopping environment.
  • Au Café D.E.L.F.: students gain the tools necessary to maintain interaction at a restaurant while holding discussions and exporessing opinions.
  • Une planète à partager: engages students in learning and practicing details of over 30 countries and nationalities.
  • Bravo !: 40 positive, polite, energetic, and commonly used phrases that can be injected into daily conversation.

Here’s what a few teachers have had to say about the DJ DELF Kit:

“I love that the work is done for me. It has given me back my life. I am not creating things from scratch. My students ask if we are listening DJ DELF today, they really like the music. When we are doing other things I remind them to go back to the vocabulary from previous life aspects.”
Kelley Johnson

“I LOVE using this kit. It is easy to follow and very engaging for teachers and students… you will find it so life-altering.”
Candyce Robinson

“The kit is FULL of everything I need to teach my program. I also love being able to see what other teachers and students have done. The activities themselves are east to adjust for students with IEPs and/or for differentiated instruction. I teach intermediate students and the themes catch their interest easily. The songs are also less ‘juvenile’ than other core French songs.”
Jennifer Mathison

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