Assessment and Evaluation

This is your section to chime in on all things assessment and evaluation. Are you getting diagnostic assessment done on a regular basis? Do you know the difference between assessing for learning and assessing of learning? What is summative evaluation? What is formative evaluation? Drop your questions, thoughts, answers, weblinks and more.


  • Sharon Froedge Reply


    October 18, 2015 at 7:35 pm
  • Margaret Reply

    1. Don’t do it alone! It’s much more fun together! (Click on BLOG)
    2. Know your Standards! (Click on the Guide that applies
    3. Key in on the more newerly celebrated form of evaluation…. Assessement AS…. Get students thinking about their thinking, thinking about their learning and learning about why they are thinking! (Click on French or English version of “Grilles et Listes”)
    4. Know your Ends before you Begin. (Click on your chosen Life Aspect and go to the Big Ideas)
    5. ady for Assessment OF learning according to the expectations, standards, learning goals, success criteria of your Big Ideas (the destination). (See Rubrics)
    #6 Enjoy the scaffolded journey by engaging in Diagnostic Assessment (Assessment FOR learning) along the way (the journey). (See the various, adjustable, manipulativetablistic formative assessment tools

    October 18, 2015 at 8:07 pm
  • Margaret Reply

    Oops. #2 should be click on the guide that applies to your area
    #5 should begin with Be ready

    October 18, 2015 at 8:13 pm
  • Educorock Reply

    Here is the CHAT LOG from today’s SHOP TALK session called “Kicking Assessment’s Butt!”

    Chat Log C:\Users\User\OneDrive\Documents\ChatLog 2015_10_18 20_23.rtf

    DJ DELF/ÉTIENNE (to Everyone): 6:57 PM: Steven Langlois
    DJ DELF/ÉTIENNE (to Everyone): 6:58 PM: Steven Langlois – Gr. 9 FI and Core French – LaSalle, ON
    Brigitte (to Everyone): 6:59 PM: bonjour !
    Brigitte (to Everyone): 7:00 PM: Brigitte OT in ALCDSB ( belleville area )
    Shauna Nelson (to Everyone): 7:00 PM: Shauna- gr7/8 Core french WRDSB
    Tazz (to Everyone): 7:01 PM: Bonjour! 4-8 Core Ayton ON BWDSB
    Andrea (to Everyone): 7:02 PM: Andrea C Grade 6 core Brampton Ontario canada
    Nicole Vagacs (to Everyone): 7:02 PM: I’m Nicole. I teach Core French Gr. 1-6 with Waterloo Region.
    Margaret (to Everyone): 7:02 PM: Margaret Grade 4-6 Core in Paris, Ontario
    Andrea Curran (to Everyone): 7:03 PM: Andrea 4-8 Core French King City
    Erin (to Everyone): 7:03 PM: Erin Grades 9 and 11 in Barrie.
    Maggie Cook (to Everyone): 7:03 PM: Maggie 4-8 core french contract interview tomorrow!!
    Margaret (to Everyone): 7:03 PM: Good luck, Maggie!
    Maggie Cook (to Everyone): 7:03 PM: thank you 🙂
    diana mlinarevic (to Everyone): 7:03 PM: salut from Diana grade 4-6 FSL from Wm. G. Davis Elementary
    Andrea Curran (to Everyone): 7:03 PM: good luck Maggie
    Melissa M (to Everyone): 7:04 PM: Hi all
    diana mlinarevic (to Everyone): 7:04 PM: 4-8*
    Michelle B (to Everyone): 7:05 PM: 7-8 Toronto
    Melissa M (to Everyone): 7:05 PM: 4-7 french in Sudbury
    Sherry Leclerc (to Everyone): 7:05 PM: 4-8 WCDSB
    diana mlinarevic (to Everyone): 7:05 PM: Thanks Monsieur
    Nida Kartavicius (to Everyone): 7:05 PM: Hi there, FSL 4-8 and grade 1 arts
    MadameGarrah (to Everyone): 7:05 PM: Kingston 1 – 8 Core
    Nancy McCarthy (to Everyone): 7:06 PM: Bowmanville 4&5 Core French
    Sharon (to Everyone): 7:06 PM: Hi all. 9-12 French, Spanish
    Sharon (to Presenter Only): 7:07 PM: unsupported mac os version
    MadamePapillon (to Everyone): 7:07 PM: Grand Erie Grade 4-8 Core French
    Windows 7 (to Everyone): 7:07 PM: Red Lake, ON 4-8 French
    Fine Frenchie (to Everyone): 7:07 PM: grade 9-12 core french and Spanish
    Alana (to Everyone): 7:07 PM: Waterloo ON grade 5-8 core French
    Fine Frenchie (to Everyone): 7:08 PM: burlington, ONTARIO
    Sherry Leclerc (to Everyone): 7:08 PM: My pen is not working
    Trina (to Everyone): 7:08 PM: mine doesn’t work
    Andrea (to Everyone): 7:08 PM: it wont work for me
    Andrea Curran (to Everyone): 7:08 PM: not working
    Margaret (to Everyone): 7:08 PM: not working
    Brigitte (to Everyone): 7:08 PM: it worked before
    Brigitte (to Everyone): 7:09 PM: yes, the green one
    Margaret (to Everyone): 7:09 PM: still not working
    diana mlinarevic (to Everyone): 7:09 PM: for whatever reason i cannot access mine
    Andrea (to Everyone): 7:09 PM: The icon works, but wont type
    Trina (to Everyone): 7:09 PM: nope
    Tazz (to Everyone): 7:09 PM: not working here either.
    Andrea (to Everyone): 7:09 PM: woo hoo
    Trina (to Everyone): 7:09 PM: yep
    Margaret (to Everyone): 7:09 PM: oui
    Nicole Vagacs (to Everyone): 7:09 PM: oui!
    Jessica Andrews (to Everyone): 7:09 PM: ready!!
    Michelle B (to Everyone): 7:09 PM: ouais!
    Sherry Leclerc (to Everyone): 7:09 PM: It looks like it should be working. The little pen icon shows up when I put the cursor over the page, but then it doesn’t write
    Sherry Leclerc (to Everyone): 7:09 PM: oui
    Francesca (to Everyone): 7:09 PM: Oui, je suis prête.
    Windows 7 (to Everyone): 7:09 PM: oui
    Brigitte (to Everyone): 7:09 PM: oui
    Tazz (to Everyone): 7:10 PM: Oui!
    diana mlinarevic (to Everyone): 7:10 PM: lets do it
    Francesca (to Everyone): 7:10 PM: On y va!
    DJ DELF/ÉTIENNE (to Everyone): 7:11 PM: Steven Langlois
    DJ DELF/ÉTIENNE (to Everyone): 7:12 PM: Teacher, Dept. Head, Consultant, Author, Composer, Experienced in Elementary, Secondary, Core, Immersion, worked with several publishing companies all over Canada, the USA and in Europe, Keynote speaker (worldwide), educational performer (Étienne & DJ DELF)

    Teacher, Dept. Head, Consultant, Author, Composer, Experienced in Elementary, Secondary, Core, Immersion, worked with several publishing companies all over Canada, the USA and in Europe, Keynote speaker (worldwide), educational performer (Étienne & DJ DELF)

    DJ DELF/ÉTIENNE (to Everyone): 7:12 PM: Website: <>
    Twitter: @etienne2
    Facebook : /etienneonline

    Tammy Aiello (to Everyone): 7:13 PM: Sorry I’d love to stay but was hoping to multitasking. just cannot hear well enough on my phone. 🙁 Son is waiting for card game
    Andrea (to Everyone): 7:13 PM: seeing what students can do and helping them overcome difficulties
    Francesca (to Everyone): 7:13 PM: feedback, getting students to think about their learning.
    Nancy McCarthy (to Everyone): 7:13 PM: Finding out what your students already know
    Maggie Cook (to Everyone): 7:13 PM: finding out IF they are learning
    Nida Kartavicius (to Everyone): 7:14 PM: checking what students have learned over time, creating a tangible code for others to understand what level a student is at in their progress
    Francesca (to Everyone): 7:14 PM: modeling, sharing, clarifying ideas
    Nicole Vagacs (to Everyone): 7:14 PM: Assessment is gathering data about what students know/can do.
    Melissa (to Everyone): 7:14 PM: checking for understanding
    Sherry Leclerc (to Everyone): 7:14 PM: Assessment is checking on students knowledge, before, during or after learning
    Marie Premi (to Everyone): 7:14 PM: ways of knowing where your students are , need to be and route to get there
    diana mlinarevic (to Everyone): 7:14 PM: implementing what they know and add on what they have learned
    Francesca (to Everyone): 7:14 PM: taking your students from where they are and moving them forward to understand and familiarize themselves with new concepts
    Sharon (to Everyone): 7:14 PM: checking for understanding
    Fine Frenchie (to Everyone): 7:15 PM: assessment is a tool to track progress, gage learning and allow for self regulation and reflection
    Andrea (to Everyone): 7:15 PM: to the public, it is testing and report cards. Not a lot of them know what we do.
    Fiorella LoCurto (to Everyone): 7:16 PM: 1. what students know
    Michelle B (to Everyone): 7:17 PM: easy
    Margaret (to Everyone): 7:17 PM: report cards
    Alana (to Everyone): 7:17 PM: A letter grade
    Fine Frenchie (to Everyone): 7:17 PM: marks report cards
    Shauna Nelson (to Everyone): 7:17 PM: tests
    Melissa (to Everyone): 7:17 PM: grades/tests
    Windows 7 (to Everyone): 7:17 PM: tests
    Erin (to Everyone): 7:17 PM: a number grade
    Nida Kartavicius (to Everyone): 7:17 PM: tests, marks
    Reed (to Everyone): 7:17 PM: marks
    Alana (to Everyone): 7:17 PM: percentages
    Jessica Andrews (to Everyone): 7:17 PM: report card marks, letter grades
    Fiorella LoCurto (to Everyone): 7:17 PM: marks, percentages, how smart their child is, marks, marks
    Marie Premi (to Everyone): 7:17 PM: tests, quizzes, report cards, marks
    Sherry Leclerc (to Everyone): 7:17 PM: as already said, tests and report cards
    diana mlinarevic (to Everyone): 7:17 PM: What their children now and how well they know it through tests and quizzes
    Sharon (to Everyone): 7:18 PM: high stakes testing and grade inflation
    Michelle B (to Everyone): 7:18 PM: if they got 80% on a quiz that means he/she has an A in french
    Brigitte (to Everyone): 7:18 PM: maybe the media ?
    Melissa (to Everyone): 7:18 PM: blame it on ETFO (from an etfo member)
    Andrea (to Everyone): 7:18 PM: I think it is a combination of the Boards and parents – they want to see concrete things.
    Marie Premi (to Everyone): 7:18 PM: sometimes the language that we use to report on the report card causes parents to only look at the grades and not the comments
    Andrea (to Everyone): 7:19 PM: Agreed
    DJ DELF/ÉTIENNE (to Everyone): 7:20 PM: IS ASSESSMENT?
    Assessment is the process of gathering and discussing information from multiple and diverse sources in order to develop a deep understanding of what students know, understand, and can do with their knowledge as a result of their educational experiences; the process culminates when assessment results are used to improve subsequent learning.
    MadameGarrah (to Everyone): 7:20 PM: the word process is key. Old school assessment had suggests static, one time marks.
    Andrea (to Everyone): 7:21 PM: formative and summative
    Maggie Cook (to Everyone): 7:21 PM: formative and summative
    Nicole Vagacs (to Everyone): 7:21 PM: formative and summative
    Shauna Nelson (to Everyone): 7:21 PM: formative summative
    Jessica Andrews (to Everyone): 7:21 PM: formative
    Francesca (to Everyone): 7:21 PM: Assessment for,
    Francesca (to Everyone): 7:21 PM: assessment as
    Andrea (to Everyone): 7:21 PM: I still do this sometimes. 🙂
    Michelle B (to Everyone): 7:22 PM: moi aussi
    Sherry Leclerc (to Everyone): 7:22 PM: Kinds of off topic and mostly my opinion, but I think that standardized testing is at least partly to blame for a system that puts the light on a letter or number grade instead of focusing on the individual students’ progress. I find that really a false indicator of students’ achievement and leads to negativity in those students who are not at the same place in the learning process as their classmates.
    Fine Frenchie (to Everyone): 7:22 PM: also diagnostic
    Nida Kartavicius (to Everyone): 7:22 PM: checking progress
    Maggie Cook (to Everyone): 7:22 PM: are they learning?
    Francesca (to Everyone): 7:22 PM: Formative- assessment during the learning
    Alana (to Everyone): 7:22 PM: checking for understanding
    Margaret (to Everyone): 7:22 PM: while students are learning, then feedback
    Shauna Nelson (to Everyone): 7:22 PM: assessment that is used to provide feedback based on learning goals
    Alana (to Everyone): 7:23 PM: feedback
    Fine Frenchie (to Everyone): 7:23 PM: in class check in, no marks
    Jessica Andrews (to Everyone): 7:23 PM: assessment that guides our learning
    Brigitte (to Everyone): 7:23 PM: what students already know
    Michelle B (to Everyone): 7:23 PM: feedback along the way before summative
    Alana (to Everyone): 7:23 PM: Where do I need to go next, what do I need to review..
    Michelle B (to Everyone): 7:23 PM: practice
    Sherry Leclerc (to Everyone): 7:23 PM: Formative – checking on students’ learning during the learnng process to see if perhaps their is something that needs to be retaught or something they are struggling with
    DJ DELF/ÉTIENNE (to Everyone): 7:25 PM: assessment refers to a wide variety of methods that teachers use to conduct in-process evaluations of student comprehension, learning needs, and academic progress during a lesson, unit, or course. Formative assessments help teachers identify concepts that students are struggling to understand, skills they are having difficulty acquiring, or learning standards <> they have not yet achieved so that adjustments can be made to lessons, instructional techniques, and academic support
    Nicole Vagacs (to Everyone): 7:25 PM: Me too.
    Shauna Nelson (to Everyone): 7:25 PM: yes
    Andrea Curran (to Everyone): 7:25 PM: yes
    MadameGarrah (to Everyone): 7:25 PM: yes
    diana mlinarevic (to Everyone): 7:25 PM: yyyes
    Nancy McCarthy (to Everyone): 7:25 PM: yes
    Nida Kartavicius (to Everyone): 7:25 PM: yes
    Jessica Andrews (to Everyone): 7:25 PM: its going in and out
    Brigitte (to Everyone): 7:25 PM: yes
    Marie Premi (to Everyone): 7:25 PM: yes
    Trina (to Everyone): 7:25 PM: you’re a little muffled
    Reed (to Everyone): 7:25 PM: yes, muffled
    Nicole Vagacs (to Everyone): 7:25 PM: I can hear you but it sounds like you’re in a tin box with music playing faintly in the background
    Sharon (to Everyone): 7:25 PM: audio on my phone. muffled
    Alana (to Everyone): 7:25 PM: a little muffled
    Sherry Leclerc (to Everyone): 7:25 PM: I have trouble sometimes but it’s because of my laptop speakers I think.
    Tazz (to Everyone): 7:25 PM: Sound is quite muffled here
    Andrea (to Everyone): 7:26 PM: it’s fine – a little background static at times
    Margaret (to Everyone): 7:26 PM: a little\
    Nicole Vagacs (to Everyone): 7:26 PM: That is some better
    Alana (to Everyone): 7:26 PM: a little
    Sharon (to Everyone): 7:26 PM: a little
    Andrea (to Everyone): 7:26 PM: not that
    Nicole Vagacs (to Everyone): 7:26 PM: worse
    Margaret (to Everyone): 7:26 PM: worse
    Sharon (to Everyone): 7:26 PM: better
    Alana (to Everyone): 7:26 PM: worse
    Shauna Nelson (to Everyone): 7:26 PM: worse lol
    Sharon (to Everyone): 7:26 PM: tinny
    Nicole Vagacs (to Everyone): 7:27 PM: no
    MadameGarrah (to Everyone): 7:27 PM: same
    Andrea (to Everyone): 7:27 PM: good
    Nancy McCarthy (to Everyone): 7:27 PM: I actually hear some background noise, like music
    Nicole Vagacs (to Everyone): 7:27 PM: the final evaluation
    Brigitte (to Everyone): 7:27 PM: the end
    Margaret (to Everyone): 7:27 PM: mark at the end of the process
    Michelle B (to Everyone): 7:27 PM: big project at end of unit
    Andrea (to Everyone): 7:27 PM: summative is the end result; the final project that assesses their skills
    Alana (to Everyone): 7:27 PM: the end of the unit
    Francesca (to Everyone): 7:27 PM: summative evaluation is a final task at the end of the unit
    Shauna Nelson (to Everyone): 7:27 PM: a snapshot evaluation of a students learning
    Fine Frenchie (to Everyone): 7:27 PM: final tasks , tests projects
    Windows 7 (to Everyone): 7:27 PM: assessment of what they’ve learned in a unit
    Sharon (to Everyone): 7:27 PM: did they get the targeted material
    Mary Pantuso (to Organizer(s) Only): 7:27 PM: tâche finale
    Nida Kartavicius (to Everyone): 7:27 PM: what the student shows they have learned after a unit
    Jessica Andrews (to Everyone): 7:27 PM: their chance to show you what they have learned and what they can do
    MadameGarrah (to Everyone): 7:27 PM: What they can do at that moment.
    diana mlinarevic (to Everyone): 7:27 PM: can they implement what they have learned
    Alana (to Everyone): 7:27 PM: did they meet the learning goals
    Sherry Leclerc (to Everyone): 7:27 PM: Summative: checking on knowledge and understanding at the end of a unit of study to check what the students have learned
    Marie Premi (to Everyone): 7:27 PM: at the end of a theme, unit, task
    Michelle B (to Everyone): 7:27 PM: putting it all together
    Sharon (to Everyone): 7:27 PM: liking what they can do!
    Francesca (to Everyone): 7:27 PM: putting into practice all of their learning within a given context
    DJ DELF/ÉTIENNE (to Everyone): 7:28 PM: Summative assessments are used to evaluate student learning, skill acquisition, and academic achievement at the conclusion of a defined instructional period-typically at the end of a project, unit, course, semester, program, or school year.

    Andrea (to Everyone): 7:28 PM: You said you are “putting this up”. I’m stuck on he original what is assessment page
    Brigitte (to Everyone): 7:28 PM: how do you save the chat log ?
    Brigitte (to Everyone): 7:28 PM: i see it , thanks !!!!
    Andrea (to Everyone): 7:31 PM: AS learning is what parents need to see!
    Mary Pantuso (to Everyone): 7:31 PM: because I can’t hear you very well, can you please write down how to save the chat log please, Étienne
    Carmel (to Everyone): 7:32 PM: Got it
    Carmel (to Everyone): 7:32 PM: Go to the top of the page where it says “GoTo Meeting” and then click on the little down arrow to get the drop box.
    Carmel (to Everyone): 7:33 PM: in the drop box will be an option for “Save chat log”
    Carmel (to Everyone): 7:33 PM: Then click on that and you can decide where you want to save it.
    Carmel (to Everyone): 7:33 PM: Does that help, Mary?
    Sherry Leclerc (to Everyone): 7:33 PM: I think someone else has the audio on theirs as well, because I h=can hear coughing and kids in the background. I I wonder if that may be why there is some trouble hearing you
    Nicole Vagacs (to Everyone): 7:34 PM: Me too, I can hear background stuff.
    Margaret (to Everyone): 7:34 PM: Thanks Carmel
    Mary Pantuso (to Everyone): 7:34 PM: he sounds like he is under water to me
    Nicole Vagacs (to Everyone): 7:34 PM: I agree
    Sharon (to Everyone): 7:34 PM: keeps freezing
    Carmel (to Everyone): 7:34 PM: When I say go to the top of the page, I mean go to the top of this box, where the chat box is — go to the very top of that.
    DJ DELF/ÉTIENNE (to Everyone): 7:35 PM: Go to: <>
    Under MEMBERS, click on “Assessement and Evaluation”

    Carmel (to Everyone): 7:35 PM: The GoToMeeting symbol and words are there, and the little down arrow is to the right of them — that will give you the drop-down box with the “save chat log option.”
    DJ DELF/ÉTIENNE (to Everyone): 7:36 PM: SIX Steps to Kicking Assessment’s Butt!
    Mary Pantuso (to Everyone): 7:38 PM: sorry Étienne …. I hear other people talking, your pic is freezing up and you sound like you are under water ?
    DJ DELF/ÉTIENNE (to Everyone): 7:38 PM: 1. Don’t do it alone! It’s much more fun together! (Click on BLOG)

    Carmel (to Everyone): 7:38 PM: Mary — did you try closing and reopening the meeting?
    DJ DELF/ÉTIENNE (to Everyone): 7:39 PM: Know your Standards! (Click on the Guide that applies
    DJ DELF/ÉTIENNE (to Everyone): 7:39 PM: #2 Know your Standards! (Click on the Guide that applies
    Andrea (to Everyone): 7:40 PM: 🙂
    DJ DELF/ÉTIENNE (to Everyone): 7:42 PM: 1. Key in on the more newerly celebrated form of evaluation…. Assessement AS…. Get students thinking about their thinking, thinking about their learning and learning about why they are thinking! (Click on French or English version of “Grilles et Listes”)

    Laura (to Everyone): 7:42 PM: was that comment just : “if you are angry at some trees, you can print it out…”??? love it!
    Carmel (to Everyone): 7:42 PM: lol
    Carmel (to Everyone): 7:43 PM: All in French….right?
    Maggie Cook (to Everyone): 7:43 PM: haha!
    Carmel (to Everyone): 7:43 PM: When they have so much difficulty doing it in English??
    Michelle B (to Everyone): 7:43 PM: could that be a checklist students use to revise their writing before doing a good copy?
    Francesca (to Everyone): 7:43 PM: Does anybody have any examples of assessment as learning?
    Carmel (to Everyone): 7:43 PM: Hi Mary — at the top of the box you’re typing into…
    Carmel (to Everyone): 7:44 PM: The chat box where you type…. look at the top of that….
    Francesca (to Everyone): 7:44 PM: would they describe what they have learned or would it be more I can do statements?
    Maggie Cook (to Everyone): 7:44 PM: i think assessment as learning can be as simple as a quick verbal check in with a student
    Laura (to Everyone): 7:44 PM: I tried the A1 wheels from CEFR and my kids had such a difficult time. they don’t get why. they don’t know how to assess themself… they don’t want to assess themselves. I’m getting a lot of push back on self-eval.
    Fine Frenchie (to Everyone): 7:45 PM: peer/ Self takes more practice I find
    Francesca (to Everyone): 7:45 PM: Laura, could you maybe provide some look fors and students can refer to this?
    Alana (to Everyone): 7:45 PM: New teacher here-where should students be by the end of grade 8 in terms of the CEFR. I’m sure I have been told before but I am drawing a blank
    Marie Premi (to Everyone): 7:46 PM: Some students understand how it works more quickly then others I find
    Nida Kartavicius (to Everyone): 7:46 PM: these look great! thanks!
    Laura (to Everyone): 7:46 PM: yah, I think it’s that they have never really been asked to think about their progress directly in their first or second language, let alone French.
    Erin (to Everyone): 7:46 PM: My 9s are doing well recording themselves on IPADS, watching their recording and then filling out a self evaluation sheet. I also have them fill out their own learning skills before report cards so they know what I’m looking at and then use some of their comments/ letters to base my evaluation.
    DJ DELF/ÉTIENNE (to Everyone): 7:46 PM: JMP Self-Evaluation
    Maggie Cook (to Everyone): 7:46 PM: yes
    Nida Kartavicius (to Everyone): 7:46 PM: yes can see it
    Nicole Vagacs (to Everyone): 7:46 PM: good
    Andrea (to Everyone): 7:46 PM: The Ontario On y Va and Visages used to have something similar but more brief and quite static.
    Shauna Nelson (to Everyone): 7:46 PM: yes
    Michelle B (to Everyone): 7:46 PM: fine
    Marie Premi (to Everyone): 7:46 PM: yes
    Erin (to Everyone): 7:46 PM: I can see it.
    diana mlinarevic (to Everyone): 7:46 PM: yes
    DJ DELF/ÉTIENNE (to Everyone): 7:47 PM:
    Sharon (to Everyone): 7:47 PM: Our students self-reflect a lot, but this helps those who are struggling. Also, high school kids sometimes think they can do more than they really can. Overestimate.
    Maggie Cook (to Everyone): 7:47 PM: do you have to purchase booster packs?
    Laura (to Everyone): 7:47 PM: Alana, apparently it differs by board where they ‘should’ be at, for my board, 4-8 is A1, 9 and up is A2 and further…
    Fine Frenchie (to Everyone): 7:47 PM: I still like those older resources for authentic practical tasks, on y va
    Alana (to Everyone): 7:47 PM: Thanks Laura, In our board we start Core French in Grade 1
    Erin (to Everyone): 7:47 PM: I like those self eval things with the DJ Delf kit but my 9 applieds just aren’t there. They just give me so many blank looks.
    Laura (to Everyone): 7:48 PM: boosters are free when you buy the kit. everything is free once you buy the book.
    Laura (to Everyone): 7:48 PM: I’m teaching 5-8, and we start in gr 4.
    Maggie Cook (to Everyone): 7:48 PM: okay thanks! good to know.
    Laura (to Everyone): 7:48 PM: check in with your FSL lead? We have what is called an FSL TOSA.
    Francesca (to Everyone): 7:49 PM: Yes, thanks.
    Fine Frenchie (to Everyone): 7:50 PM: Erin my grade 9s are weak too, oral practice is a challenge
    Carmel (to Everyone): 7:51 PM: How do you decide if they are ACTUALLY “mastering”?
    Laura (to Everyone): 7:51 PM: do you specifically designate time for kids to do this? Walk them through part by part?
    Sharon (to Everyone): 7:51 PM: I like that they self-assess and keep track of their own progress!
    Francesca (to Everyone): 7:51 PM: yes.
    Carmel (to Everyone): 7:51 PM: many think they have when they haven’t….
    Andrea (to Everyone): 7:52 PM: Are these in the kit – I’m leafing through and there are only the French ones at the back of the kit.
    Carmel (to Everyone): 7:52 PM: What do you mean by the proper support??
    Sharon (to Everyone): 7:52 PM: Agree with Carmel
    Laura (to Everyone): 7:52 PM: not only how do ‘you’ decide if they are ‘mastering’, how do THEY decide?
    Francesca (to Everyone): 7:52 PM: At the end, would students do a self-assessment as to what they are able to do?
    Sharon (to Everyone): 7:52 PM: Merci Laura. That helps.
    Francesca (to Everyone): 7:52 PM: Laura, you could perhaps co-create with students.
    Sharon (to Everyone): 7:52 PM: The preceding rubrics?
    Tazz (to Everyone): 7:52 PM: I think it is ok that they think they have mastered something when they haven’t- at least they are building confidence in their abilities and attempting to check in on their own learning.
    Carmel (to Everyone): 7:52 PM: I don’t mean scaffodling
    Maggie Cook (to Everyone): 7:53 PM: what about students who do not have a realistic expectation of how their are doing? or the students that make slow progress?
    Carmel (to Everyone): 7:53 PM: Etienne — you’re not —
    Laura (to Everyone): 7:53 PM: Because I have kids that will either put all mastery, or all that they don’t understand, just to get it done.
    Carmel (to Everyone): 7:53 PM: LOL
    Carmel (to Everyone): 7:53 PM: Nope — timing is everything….. 😛
    Andrea (to Everyone): 7:53 PM: That’s it’s DONE for me! Very sexy.
    Carmel (to Everyone): 7:53 PM: Back on track, dude
    Carmel (to Everyone): 7:53 PM: I was saying you’re not interrupting
    Marie Premi (to Everyone): 7:54 PM: I find it is helpful to discuss with the students how they have assessed themselves and how I have assessed them. We usually discuss what was the same and what was different and in this discussion is usually where the truth lies
    Laura (to Everyone): 7:54 PM: Andrea, they are available on the website: members, password DJDELF
    Fine Frenchie (to Everyone): 7:54 PM: love language used in the grilles, crocodile done deal! lol
    Andrea (to Everyone): 7:54 PM: Thanks Laura
    Marie Premi (to Everyone): 7:54 PM: they only become good at self evaluation the more they do it
    Carmel (to Everyone): 7:55 PM: I need to know how we can help the kids understand that they do or do not have the level of understanding and APPLICATION that would allow them to say they have “mastered” it…..
    Tazz (to Everyone): 7:55 PM: Yeah- in my classes we go through the self assessment together as well and discuss what the difference between each level is. They have been pretty honest. And I agree with Marie- the more they do it the better! 🙂
    Laura (to Everyone): 7:56 PM: Marie, thanks. I need that push, because the first few times were pulling teeth to get them to fill out the wheel… painful and draining! I need to try again!
    Fine Frenchie (to Everyone): 7:56 PM: ��������
    Carmel (to Everyone): 7:56 PM: Etienne — remember a couple of weeks ago when you said you were a bad actor….??? I am reminded of that, just now…. 🙂
    Michelle B (to Everyone): 7:56 PM: Laura, maybe start with shorter self-evaluations at first?
    Andrea (to Everyone): 7:56 PM: To know if they’ve mastered it, I have a conversation with them. I want to start mini skits for the units (I’m doing a doctor’s office for body parts for example).
    Laura (to Everyone): 7:56 PM: I hear you getting all emotional, and I’m on my phone so I can’t see anything… lol
    DJ DELF/ÉTIENNE (to Everyone): 7:57 PM:
    Marie Premi (to Everyone): 7:57 PM: Yes it is harder for us to see what they say and hand in as a self evaluation! painful indeed! and some never truly get there ( I only teach to grade 8)
    Francesca (to Everyone): 7:57 PM: I find it difficult to keep notes for six different classes. I have started to create a folder with post-it notes, and then I write the students name and some comments on a regular basis.
    DJ DELF/ÉTIENNE (to Everyone): 7:57 PM: 1. Know your Ends before you Begin. (Click on your chosen Life Aspect and go to the Big Ideas)

    Maggie Cook (to Everyone): 7:57 PM: the post it system works for me too
    Francesca (to Everyone): 7:57 PM: I know, it is a great system Maggie, I agree.
    Michelle B (to Everyone): 7:57 PM: before interviews, i have students complete a self evaluation for the term (in english)…we use that as a starting point during interviews…i read them ahead of time to see if i agree with their comments 🙂
    Laura (to Everyone): 7:58 PM: good idea, Francesca. I did that for math when I had one class, but seven, in French, 30 min a day, is hard to keep track of!
    Marie Premi (to Everyone): 7:58 PM: I have just started getting them to chose the pieces they want to use in their portfolio instead of me always choosing. this also provides them with the opportunity to self evaluate
    Fine Frenchie (to Everyone): 7:58 PM: I also do pre-interview sheets with strengths,,improve n goals
    Alana (to Everyone): 7:59 PM: Someone told me they divide their file folder into 4 sections,(got, getting there, etc) learning goal at the top, and then the students names are on the post its, she moves the post its to the appropriate section and takes a picture at the end of the class
    Francesca (to Everyone): 7:59 PM: Thanks, Laura. I am trying different ways to keep accurate assessment. It is tricky for sure.
    Laura (to Everyone): 7:59 PM: I find there are so many different learning goals in a lesson… too many.
    Michelle B (to Everyone): 7:59 PM: i find i have loads of anecdotal notes…but not necessarily “marks”…
    Alana (to Everyone): 8:00 PM: me too
    DJ DELF/ÉTIENNE (to Everyone): 8:00 PM: #4
    Francesca (to Everyone): 8:00 PM: Thanks for all of the ideas, everyone.
    Jessica Andrews (to Everyone): 8:00 PM: that’s where your professional judgement comes in
    Andrea (to Everyone): 8:00 PM: I like the idea of them choosing the goals too. Maybe adding a blank section for them to choose a different goal or what I want to work on.
    DJ DELF/ÉTIENNE (to Everyone): 8:00 PM: ady for Assessment OF learning according to the expectations, standards, learning goals, success criteria of your Big Ideas (the destination). (See Rubrics)
    Margaret (to Everyone): 8:01 PM: ady?
    Laura (to Everyone): 8:01 PM: ready I assume
    Carmel (to Everyone): 8:01 PM: Etienne — we can’t see your problem
    Francesca (to Everyone): 8:02 PM: With my older grades I am marking some of their work using Excellent=E, Good= G, Satisfactory=S, Needs improvement= N. This is helping to see where they are at for progress reports.
    Andrea (to Everyone): 8:02 PM: I have an anectdotal chart like that where I can fill out the date and activity.
    Michelle B (to Everyone): 8:02 PM: great idea, Francesca!
    Laura (to Everyone): 8:03 PM: does he post the steps on the website? I have to leave…
    Francesca (to Everyone): 8:03 PM: That is a good idea, Andrea. I keep it in my planning book.
    Maggie Cook (to Everyone): 8:03 PM: he said he would save the conversation and you can get it from him
    Erin (to Everyone): 8:03 PM: I love that these are in word format so that I can edit them… I also like that I can basically use the two rubrics (writing and oral) for just about every major assignment so my 9 applieds have consistency.
    Andrea (to Everyone): 8:03 PM: If I remember, I’ll try to see if I can attach it in the blog section for everyone.
    Francesca (to Everyone): 8:03 PM: Laura, you can also ask questions on the blog.
    Laura (to Everyone): 8:04 PM: nope, here… but I missed that – steps on the blog?
    Maggie Cook (to Everyone): 8:04 PM: how can you get away from saying “7 sentences”
    Michelle B (to Everyone): 8:04 PM: being able to provide the rubric in english and french is also helpful (for students — and parents!) who don’t understand…
    Maggie Cook (to Everyone): 8:05 PM: if i dont give a minimum, i often get very little work from students.
    Francesca (to Everyone): 8:05 PM: Laura, when you log in, you need to go to assessment and evaluation. There will be a place where it says blog, click that and you will be able to post some questions.
    Laura (to Everyone): 8:05 PM: but this list of steps?
    Andrea (to Everyone): 8:05 PM: Don’t know – I’m still adjusting to the new curriculum and not relying on the number of sentences. I have a little of me and DJ DELF mixed together.
    Carmel (to Everyone): 8:05 PM: What about ensuring it aligns with the Elementary Achievement Chart? The categories don’t align.
    DJ DELF/ÉTIENNE (to Everyone): 8:06 PM: #6 Enjoy the scaffolded journey by engaging in Diagnostic Assessment (Assessment FOR learning) along the way (the journey). (See the various, adjustable, manipulativetablistic formative assessment tools
    Francesca (to Everyone): 8:06 PM: Laura, maybe it will be posted under that section. I am not sure.
    Margaret (to Everyone): 8:08 PM: I posted the 6 steps in the assessment blog for anyone who missed them
    Carmel (to Everyone): 8:08 PM: Thanks, Margaret! 🙂
    Brigitte (to Everyone): 8:08 PM: thanks margaret !
    DJ DELF/ÉTIENNE (to Everyone): 8:09 PM: 1. Don’t do it alone! It’s much more fun together! (Click on BLOG)
    2. Know your Standards! (Click on the Guide that applies to your area)
    3. Key in on the more newerly celebrated form of evaluation…. Assessement AS…. Get students thinking about their thinking, thinking about their learning and learning about why they are thinking! (Click on French or English version of “Grilles et Listes”)
    4. Know your Ends before you Begin. (Click on your chosen Life Aspect and go to the Big Ideas)
    5. Be ready for Assessment OF learning according to the expectations, standards, learning goals, success criteria of your Big Ideas (the destination). (See Rubrics)
    6. Enjoy the scaffolded journey by engaging in Diagnostic Assessment (Assessment FOR learning) along the way (the journey). (See the various, adjustable, manipulativetablistic formative assessment tools).

    DJ DELF/ÉTIENNE (to Everyone): 8:10 PM: Go to: <>
    Under MEMBERS, click on “Assessement and Evaluation”

    Maggie Cook (to Everyone): 8:11 PM: LOVE the kit. an awesome resource for new teachers!
    Michelle B (to Everyone): 8:12 PM: ….and “old’ ones, too !
    Andrea (to Everyone): 8:12 PM: Ditto Michelle!
    Alana (to Everyone): 8:12 PM: I have to get going. thank you very much!
    N (Private): 8:12 PM: Thanks, Etienne, I am a new FSL teacher and your methodology is very helpful for me. I’m so happy to have found your resources, which align with all of our expectations. Thanks again. Can’t wait to get started!
    Marie Premi (to Everyone): 8:12 PM: Merci!
    Nida Kartavicius (to Everyone): 8:13 PM: Merci!
    Brigitte (to Everyone): 8:13 PM: Message from the organizer
    merci 🙂
    Anna (to Everyone): 8:13 PM: Merci! This is wonderful!
    Andrea (to Everyone): 8:13 PM: How do I go about attaching an excel file with my assessment checklist?
    Erin (to Everyone): 8:13 PM: A question for any secondary teachers here, do you evaluate using rubrics with the 4 categories (KTCA) and keep separate marks in your markbook or have you made changes with the new curriculum?
    Tina Nik (to Everyone): 8:13 PM: Thank you! Good night everyone!
    Nancy McCarthy (to Everyone): 8:14 PM: Thank you!
    Francesca (to Everyone): 8:14 PM: Thank you very much everyone. Have a great week!
    Michelle B (to Everyone): 8:14 PM: a great book on assessment (not for french specifically, but all areas) is REDEFINING FAIR by damien cooper
    Shauna Nelson (to Everyone): 8:16 PM: this is a bit off topic, but my school has recieved a grant to be used towards giving students a french experience. Anyone have any ideas? For example concerts, plays, other authentic experiences?
    DJ DELF/ÉTIENNE (to Everyone): 8:16 PM:
    Erin (to Everyone): 8:16 PM: chef in the classroom – I’ve never done it but heard it can be fabulous
    Michelle B (to Everyone): 8:16 PM: my 7s and 8s have enjoyed cooking with chef suzanne
    Andrea (to Everyone): 8:16 PM: Go to a french restaurant and have the kids order (there’s a place in Toronto)
    Andrea (to Everyone): 8:17 PM: Run your own school cafe and skits
    Shauna Nelson (to Everyone): 8:17 PM: do you do interviews/concerts during the day?
    DJ DELF/ÉTIENNE (to Everyone): 8:17 PM: 2:30pm EST on….
    Shauna Nelson (to Everyone): 8:18 PM: ok. thanks. I’ll private message yuo later.
    Andrea (to Everyone): 8:18 PM: We run a French cafe during education week in Peel Ontario and my waiters order and serve and help the public order all in french. It’s great.
    Carmel (to Everyone): 8:18 PM: Awww, sorry…. but we thought you liked us…Etienne.
    Andrea (to Everyone): 8:18 PM: Duh – it’s my new bible.
    Carmel (to Everyone): 8:19 PM: Andrea — what age/grade?
    Andrea (to Everyone): 8:19 PM: Grade 6. Grade 7’s help out with mooney.
    Carmel (to Everyone): 8:19 PM: merci
    Sharon (to Everyone): 8:19 PM: Nice one Andrea
    Andrea (to Everyone): 8:19 PM: We keep it simple – popcorn, cupcakes, cookie and drinks only.
    Carmel (to Everyone): 8:19 PM: yes, yes, we know…
    Maggie Cook (to Everyone): 8:20 PM: I must head out … but Etienne thank you so much for this shop talk. It was my first and I will definitely try to come to another one in the future. This really helped to refresh my “buzz words” on assessment, and get some really great ideas for when I *hopefully* get this job. Thanks everyone for your help!
    Carmel (to Everyone): 8:20 PM: Etienne — you’re spelling it wrong if you think my name is the food…. just sayin
    Michelle B (to Everyone): 8:20 PM: i used some great ‘je me presente’ resources from the website the past few weeks….a kahoot and a quizlet ….. thanks to whoever created them !!
    Maggie Cook (to Everyone): 8:20 PM: Will do 🙂 thanks!!
    DJ DELF/ÉTIENNE (to Everyone): 8:21 PM: Website: <>
    Twitter: @etienne2
    Facebook : /etienneonline

    Michelle B (to Everyone): 8:22 PM: just crazy
    Andrea (to Everyone): 8:22 PM: Loved it tonight!
    Andrea (to Everyone): 8:22 PM: Night!
    Margaret (to Everyone): 8:23 PM: À la prochaine
    Michelle B (to Everyone): 8:23 PM: salut! merci!
    Erin (to Everyone): 8:23 PM: Merci, bon soir!

    October 18, 2015 at 8:30 pm
  • Andrea Reply

    Hi all.
    I have been using a checklist I created in Excel that is a little me and a little Etienne (which I didn’t know). 🙂 I’m not sure how to attach it, so I’ll just describe it. I have a space for the date and the activity I am observing and then down the side I copied a class list. I have categories across the top labelled Participation, Volunteers Answers, Pronunciation, Fluency, Volume, On Task, Confidence, Independent Work, Uses Resources, Works with Groups. I decide which ones I will focus on for the activity. For example, I just used the first 2 and On Task for a group activity on describing facial features of a family (I printed colour copies of real and animated families) for Wednesday. They wrote them. and then Thursday, they described the task orally to the class and I “marked” pronunciation, fluency, confidence. I didn’t use independent work and only checked off “used resources” if they reached for their sheets or dictionary without my suggestion. How I check it off is E=excellent, F= frequently, G= good, S= satisfactory, N= needs work R= refusal (because yes, I have some of those).
    Sorry for the long post. It was a great talk though.

    October 18, 2015 at 9:10 pm
    • Educorock Reply


      If you want, email it to me and I can post it.


      October 18, 2015 at 10:55 pm
  • Andrea Reply

    Hey again,
    After a lot of people signed off, we talked a bit about final tasks. I know it’s in the copy of the chat log, but I thought I would share in a bit more detail.
    We do a French Café during education week in Peel, Ontario. For 2 years, I have been in charge of the French Café, which runs in the evening with other activities. We sell cupcakes, cookies, drinks and popcorn for $1 each. I have my Grade 6 students helping parents and guests in line to pronounce the items in French and helping them order. There are Grade 7’s working with the money but also speaking in French and then the servers greet people and pass them the order. We use little tickets so we know who has paid. On the walls and display tables are French work from the students and we always have French music playing in the background. I am going to try to add a French contest or a slide show of some of our French drama this year.
    I haven’t done it personally, but others have mentioned they do a café for staff members only at a lunch hour that actually has a little menu they order from and the students help them order in French and only speak to them in French.
    Authentic tasks rock!!!

    October 18, 2015 at 9:18 pm

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