Bringing the total Café experience to your école

CafÉcole was inspired by the DJ DELF Kit life aspect “Au Café D.E.L.F.” It is a full, French Café experience brought right to your school.

CafÉcole was developed as an extension of the need for French students of all levels to indulge in a cultural experience including: shopping for ingredients, preparing the dishes, placing/taking food orders, role-play, financial literacy and of course… eating authentic French desserts!

We bring all the necessary tools, props, and desserts. CafÉcole incorporates animated videos that are engaging to students and serve as models of additional French voices in the classroom.

Schools that book a CafÉcole presentation also receive a comprehensive pre and post-presentation, curriculum-related activities package to reinforce cultural learning.

Chef Chopin looks forward to meeting your need to mix a healthy batch of French curriculum expectations with a tasty scoop of French culture and community!

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